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Bodega Las Nubes, the fruit of a passion

Located in the Salta city of Cafayate, Las Nubes winery is the result of commitment, passion, and determination to create unique products of excellent quality. 

Passion is a feeling that pushes us forward and brings us closer to fulfilling our dreams. This is what happened to José Mounier, who, accompanied by his family, arrived in Salta with a clear objective: to create a brand that produces quality products with a traditional spirit. This is how Bodega Las Nubes was born.

Located at the foot of El Cajón hill, 5 kilometers from Cafayate, the winery is located in the estate of the same name. It is an unusual place, where it is possible to enjoy the best high-altitude wines and an exceptional landscape near cacti, carob trees, and indigenous ruins.

The beginning of a dream

Born in Mendoza, grandson, and son of winemakers, José Luis Mounier always had one idea in mind: to continue the family tradition. After training as an enology graduate, he settled in Cafayate, and in 1995 he bought 25 hectares in the Calchaquíes Valleys region, where he gave free rein to his passion.

There he created Bodega Finca Las Nubes, located at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level. Instead of dedicating himself to producing in quantity, Mounier always favored making quality wines.

Thanks to his knowledge, his determination, and the formidable characteristics of his vineyards, located in soils that were once the terraces of the Diaguita Indians, he achieved his goal. Las Nubes products stand out for their aroma, color, and authenticity.

In addition to the vineyards, the estate offers guided tastings and gastronomic events to maximize the experience of those who visit and share their passion for wine.

High altitude wines

As mentioned, the Las Nubes vineyards are located more than 1,800 meters above sea level. This characteristic, together with the climatic and orographic particularities of the region, allows the creation of intense varietals with a well-defined identity.

The arid, deep, and stony soils are ideal for the growth of the vines. In addition, the thermal amplitude that characterizes the area makes the plants adapt to this climatic change and results in aromatic wines with great body and volume that express the qualities of the terroir.

The varietals of this winery are produced naturally, without fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. In addition, the grapes are harvested manually, among experts, family members, and visitors, in a day in which everyone shares their passion for winemaking.

Bodega Las Nubes wines are synonymous with quality, tradition, and love for the land.

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